Saturday, 11 August 2012


                                          Fareed Zakaria

One of my favorite CNN presenters Fareed Zakaria host of CNN's Fareed Zakaria GPS just got suspended by TIME magazine and CNN for plagiarism. Zakaria, who writes columns for Time and hosts a CNN television show, had written an article for the magazine on the issue of gun control following the recent mass shootings in Colorado. A short version also appeared as a blog post on CNN's website.

However, several blogs, such as conservative media watchdog Newsbusters and the National Review online, spotted similarities between parts of Zakaria's column and a piece on the same topic in an April issue of the The New Yorker.

The paragraphs in question largely involved descriptions of historical events and context about gun control in America and do not seem anywhere near as serious as other famed plagiarists – such as Jayson Blair at the New York Times and Stephen Glass at the New Republic who made up entire quotes, people and incidents.

But as media websites picked up the story and asked Time for an official comment, Zakaria issued a statement and confessed to his error.

If we took Plagiarism serious in Nigeria,a lot of us (Jorunalists,Bloggers,Columnists,Politicians,Mr President and co.) will be out of work.

Besides how do you determine a plagiarized item? Isn't it possible for two great minds,thinking alike to also put their thoughts down in writing in similar version, verses-word for word?

It can happen, dont you think?

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