Sunday, 23 December 2012

THE RED CRUDE OIL: My unfinished novel.

For me, writing is not fun, it’s not something I’d want to do every day but somehow, on some days or seasons I find myself spending hours writing. Writing does help me purge my mind off several thoughts and ‘yes’ frustrations.

In 2010, I decided to try my hands on fiction-adventure novel writing; I admire a lot of Nigerian writers but I have certain grudges against them. Read books from the likes of John Grisham or Stephen King and you see how they allow their imaginations run wild, bringing us memorable fiction stories and characters. For contemporary Nigerian writers, we (hey, I’m a writer too) have limited our creativity to themes that are meant to ‘impress’ our western audience and depress our local audience. Nigerian books range from either autobiographies of questionable characters or on themes such as Civil wars, Corruption, Cultural taboos or animal tales. 

The only ‘feel good’ novels Nigerians have access to are the religious or motivational books, most times foreign. Since the creation of ‘Okonkwo’ from the ‘Things fall apart’ fame, I don’t think any recent Nigerian fiction character has been able to capture the fascination of Nigerian readers.

As a gift to my readers and a selfish attempt to inspire myself into completing this work, I have decided to periodically publish Chapters from my upcoming adventure novel on this blog. It’s a selfish attempt because I’m hoping that your comments, reactions and views will inspire me to eventually complete this very tasking project; Awkward, right?

Here we go...


Crude Oil suddenly dries up in most parts of the world but for the West African nation of Nigeria, new oil discoveries are still being made. Nigeria now finds herself on the verge of becoming the worlds’ last and only source of crude oil.

General Ben Musa, a retired Army General is head of Nigeria’s Defence and Security service (NDSS). He seeks to leverage on Nigeria’s new status and push the country quickly into a ‘Super power’ status. The General decides to topple the allegedy corrupt democratic government and its structures with the aim of installing a new regime that will radically industrialize Nigeria. In order to achieve his goals, General Musa enters into a pact with Nigeria’s top business heavy weights, he also incorporates international allies.

Other existing world powers including the United States key into General Musa’s agenda but with several ulterior motives bothering on greed, self preservation and racism.

Mamman Mambilla is the only son of a decorated Nigerian top security officer-Joe Mambilla. Mamman, like most middle-class Nigerian children had an enviable childhood. Being an only child, his father Joe, pampered him a lot. Mamman grew up playing video games, watching and loving western adventure movies, he was particularly passionate about detective and spy stories. Of course Mamman’s favourite character was the ‘king of all spies, James Bond.

Now an adult in his thirties, Mamman chooses a career path that depressed his father; Mamman decided to become ‘Nigeria’s greatest private detective’. However, Mamman, after a few years of undertaking his ‘private eye’ venture was never approached or hired by prospective clients. Depression pushed Mamman into picking up some basic character traits of his fictional role models including smoking, drinking and sure enough, womanizing.

Joe Mambilla believes that his son has gone crazy and taken his childhood obsessions too far. Joe now retired, confides in his best friend who is also Mamman’s god father. General Ben Musa and Joe Mambilla joined the Nigerian Army together as teenagers; they even fought side by side during the Biafra war. When Mamman was born and in order to cement their friendship, Joe ensured that a very reluctant Corporal Ben Musa agreed to become Mamman’s god father.  After listening to his best friend wail about Mamman’s idiosyncrasies, General Musa offers Mamman a dream job. A phantom job that expectedly or unexpectedly throws Mamman neck deep into the core of General Musa’s agenda.

Mamman, an untrained and relatively unserious individual now finds himself at the fore front of a conspiracy like none other. Mamman gets the opportunity to live his childhood adventure fantasies. But he was quick to realize that the glamorous charismatic bravery, courage and wit portrayed by fictional lead characters in Hollywood was a grand deception of the highest order.  

Lookout for Chapter one on my next blog post in a couple of hours.

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