Wednesday, 27 February 2013


At a recent informal social gathering, I bumped into an interesting group of ‘Naija babes’ and we got talking. Along the line, the issue of female discrimination in Nigeria came up and of all the yardsticks used in measuring such discrimination, 'cigarette smoking rights' made it to the list.

Here's a summary on what the ladies had to say...obviously, I won’t be using their real names.

Folashade: “My brand is Dunhill menthol and I smoke at least two sticks daily. I don’t smoke in public places or during day time because when Nigerians see a woman smoking they quickly conclude that she's a prostitute or a 'runz girl'..

Nkechi: “My brand is London Menthol and I smoke mostly on Wednesdays and Fridays when I go clubbing. No, I can’t smoke outside in broad day light because our weather is very hot and I sweat a lot. I enjoy smoking in an Air-conditioned environment. Most Nigerian men (at least in clubs) are easily seduced by pretty girls that smoke”

Barbara: “I enjoy smoking Cuban cigars (laffs),but since it's not lady-like, I only smoke it when I’m with my trusted circle of friends. I can never some in pubic or during the day, people will think I've run mad.”

Aisha: “Consulate is it for me o,it kinda makes me feel high, especially right after sex****Stanley said,"Yepa"****. But No, I can’t smoke in the afternoon, our society still looks down on women that smoke openly, they'll think you are an 'ashawo'.

Samantha: “Believe it or not I smoke Marijuana ****she looks like an aje butter o****, and it's a wonderful feeling. I hear it's even safer than cigarettes. Of course I wouldn't dare smoking weed in broad day light or in public. Smoking 'Igbo' is a crime in Nigeria; I could end up in jail. But most Nigerian men smoke it openly and nothing happens.”

Kemi: "When I lived in Dublin, there were several parks where I could go to in a cool afternoon and enjoy my Marlboro lights. When I returned to Nigeria in 2009, my cousin took me shopping at Idumota one late afternoon, I hadn't smoked in while-so I put a cigarette in my mouth and lit it. I had barely inhaled my third drag when a lady walked up to me, told me to put out my cigarette and asked me if I knew 'Jesus'. Ironically, on my way out of the market, I came across a group of men sitting on benches, drinking local gin and smoking like no man's business, yet no one was preaching to them.”

Well,readers,what do you guys think?


  1. Your writing skills are impeccable,I'm watching u bro

  2. it's man's world o jare. U guys getaway with a whole lot of shit. but i would have slapped the woman that came to preach to d lady at idumota

  3. Mr stanly,wat where u doing in the midt of sush women? i dont trust u.

  4. looool.....u deserve a writin award niggar!


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