Thursday, 14 February 2013


The first and last time I saw Goldie Harvey perform live on stage was at the Nigerian music Video Awards 2012; her performance was mind blowing and I remember thinking to myself, “When will other Nigerian musicians exhibit this type of stage presence and energy."

Even at that time, I had never met or spoken to Goldie in person. As fate would have it, just three weeks ago, I bumped into Goldie at the unveiling of the Africa Global DJ awards 2013 which took place at the Protea Hotel, Ikoyi-the media event featured Ugandan hip-hop sensation Navio.

We got talking and I found Goldie to be a very warm and affectionate personality but trust me, I teased her about Prezzo and even ‘yabbed’ her latest music video 'Skibobo'. I remember her requesting that I tell her exactly what I didn’t like about the video. Oh well, I told her that I just have a thing against Naija artistes shooting 'anyhow' videos in South Africa and that I also felt she was trying too hard to introduce her own new dance steps, stressing that we've not finished learning ‘Azonto’ or ‘Alingo’,and now ‘Skibobo’? She laughed and explained that she shot the video in SA because it was convenient at that time (during the channel O music video awards), such that she killed two birds with one stone. Also her guest artiste on the song was based in SA (or was also attending the Channel O music awards), not sure.

Goldie's humility won me over and immediately I invited her to appear as a guest on one of my TV platforms; she agreed and an appointment was fixed. I gave Goldie extra compliments on her trim physique and spotless skin, because I did remember her as being slightly chubby when she first came on the Nigerian entertainment radar.

Goldie couldn’t make our TV interview appointment but she called to apologize saying she had to travel and would reschedule our appointment as soon as she returns to Nigeria. That was the last time I heard from her. Saw pictures of her at the just concluded Grammys and the next thing I hear some hours ago is that she's no more-Goldie is dead?

Goldie’s death gives me mixed feelings; I’m happy that I got the privilege of meeting her in person; talking to her and discovering a fraction of her true self. I’m also happy that she explained how the ‘Skibobo’ video came into being. I am however very sad that I’ll never get to see Goldie perform live on stage again, and of course I'll never get my exclusive TV interview with her.

In all, Goldie’s life is worth celebrating, she may not have made it to old age but her music will definitely outlive most of us that are presently mourning her demise. I salute the people at Kennis music for bringing the best out of this rare gem and I most especially salute Nigerians for accepting her music.

Above all, I thank the all mighty God for making Goldie a Nigerian and allowing her to have once walked this earth with us.

We all will leave this world someday but as Goldie has shown us, it is best to start creating your legacy NOW for tomorrow might really be too late.
Sleep well golden one, nothing do you!



  1. RIP goldie,i'm still in shock

  2. Just like that? No sickness, no signs? Oh God

  3. true word,Mr stan


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