Tuesday, 5 February 2013


So I bumped into this Facebook post credited to Mr Paul Okoye of P-square and it had something to do with relationship advise. Okay,like seriously? 

Anyways, I just could not resist the temptation to respond to Paul Okoye's write-up and add my own 'awkward' views on the whole thing. Hey,with almost five years in marriage,I think I should know a thing or two about love,marriage and all dem 'mushy mushy' stuff.

So,ladies and gentlemen, let's go there...


Paul said: "Wen a gal disobey her parents just to please u,'
Stanley says: "Such a girl lacks home training...dump her A$$"

Paul said: "When a girl spares her busy schedule and sacrifice just to see you, when a girl says sorry even though she didn't do anything wrong..."
Stanley says: "She has no focus in life and lacks self esteem...dump her A$$"

Paul said: "When a girl CRIES becoz she still loves you.. When a girl still TRIES TO GET YOU BACK when you argue..when a girl no matter how much you HURT HER STILL LOVES YOU..when a girl STOPS her argument with her guy to SAVE her relationship.."
Stanley says: "You don enter once chance be that,that's some real emotional BS baggage and no man needs such a woman...dump her A$$"

Paul said: "When a girl continuously makes you feel special and tries to make you happy no matter how you treat her as an option and mistreat her..When a girl is upset but does not tell you as she thinks she is annoying you..When a girl has tried all her best and wants to QUIT and leave you becoz of your rude behavior but she is not able to do.."
Stanley says: "Any girl that puts up an act like that is definitely doing so because the man in question is a SUPER STAR,rich or famous despite his 'rude' behavior, and she probably needs him more than he needs her......dump her A$$!"

Paul said: "That girl is a keeper and they are vry rare...DONT LET HER GO. Coz 1 day someone will walk into her life and make her realize why it didn't work out with you....DEN U WILL REALIZE DAT U JUST LOST A PRECIOUS TREASURE."
Stanley says: "Keep wetin? The real precious woman is one that looks her man in the eye and lets him know that he MUST love and respect her ALWAYS..if he's serious about the relationship. Any woman that takes your 'shit' always without complaining is either a first grade 'Mumu' or she has something up her sleeve,you know what to do with such a woman? Yes...dump her A$$."

I really had fun doing this, thanks for reading...and I still love P square!!!


  1. methinks Paul is just talking about all the babes dat r throwin themselves at him. Even if he treat them bad,they will still flock around him bcos he is a celebrity

  2. Mr blogger,u r not well

  3. I tink psquare is saying truth. U must value wat u hav before u lost it.

  4. fuck u man u know nothing about the tender her of women. Ride on Paul,luv u guys 2 bits

  5. How does all dis affect price of garri?

  6. women are different,some woman just like staying with men that maltreat them.


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