Saturday, 20 July 2013


This is not a time to insult anyone’s religion, neither is it an opportunity to showcase our elaborate use of the English language.

The ‘Child bride’ debate is a very serious issue and every right thinking Nigerian must stand up to oppose this and other calamities that our leaders mostly from a certain part of Nigeria have chosen to impose on the rest of us, hiding under religion.

Is it not a shame that the so-called 'Islamic' core Northern Nigeria has for most of its existence refused to draw inspiration from other advanced Islamic societies like Malaysia, Turkey, UAE, Morocco, Qatar, Indonesia and the likes. But rather, due to their leaders’ insistence on blackmailing the rest of Nigeria into retrogression, they chose to adopt repulsive traits such as terrorism, radicalism, illiteracy, underdevelopment and now child marriage.

I don’t care what anyone says; the Islam that I've grown to love and respect is a great religion that has for centuries promoted total submission to the will of Allah and the constant quest for knowledge. ‘Knowledge' here has already revealed to us that under-aged marriage and procreation by little girls can lead to many negative implications, one of which is the dreaded VVF. Anyone who hides under the great religion of Islam to underdeveloped society or perpetuate evil against harmless and defenceless little girls will be punished by God.

Is it not disgraceful that in the Islamic republic of Iran for example, over 55% of their university undergraduates are women but in ‘Islamic’ core Northern Nigeria illiteracy is the order of the day among both sexes? And the best majority of their (male) senators can fight for is the perverted right to marry children.

The time has come for all progressive Nigerians to rise up and WARN our leaders, especially those from the core Northern region. It's either they rise up and embrace the sane side of modernity and industrialization or those of us below the Niger confluence will be forced to insist that this sick union be the top.

Yes, I’m really angry right now but I still love Nigeria.

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