Monday, 2 September 2013


As a political scientist ***yes, I have my degree to show for it***, I do know for a fact that politics is a very dirty game on both sides i.e. the protagonists and antagonists. It's like entering a ‘suck-away’ with the intention of cleaning it up; there's no way you won't come out smelling like ‘shit’.

The new PDP's G-7 faction led by former vice president Atiku Abubakar 'messed up' big time in my own humble opinion. As a matter of fact all the PDP governors that openly revealed their opposition towards President Goodluck Jonathan's perceived second term agenda made a ridiculous error.

How do you expose your intentions and arsenal to a 'powerful enemy' many months before the actual battle? After you've done that, do you expect your powerful enemy to seat back and eat ‘kuli kuli’ while you keep planning for his downfall?  Mba nu!


1. Kiss and Make up: Approach PDP chairman Bamanga Tukur and President Goodluck Jonathan, apologise for the unfortunate events and declare your unreserved loyalty to the President and the party.

2. Join APC and hope that its Tinubu/Buhari leadership will accept these ex PDP bunch with open arms and work hard to dislodge the PDP in 2015. But remember, Nigerians will want to know why APC is filled with Ex-PDP members that contributed to the alleged misrule of Nigeria for the past 14 years.

3. PDM: Totally embrace PDM and commence mass mobilization of supporters all across the country; who knows, they might win a sizeable number of converts. Groom young Turks and sell them to Nigerians as authentic new breed of leaders.

4. Retire from Politics in 2015, open up big commercial farms and contribute to Nigeria's Agricultural transformation. #thatsall

I really like the third and fourth options, just saying.

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