Friday, 8 November 2013



Senior Single Girls (SSG) are ladies well above the age of 30 years but have been unable to settle down with a man. Some of them are 'baby mamas’, a few are 'born-agains’; others are 'independent women'.

The 'successful' independent women among them are quick to brag in the open that they don't need a man-some are lesbians though. But for most of them, after the close of work, at home in their bedrooms browsing Facebook on expensive gadgets  they cry themselves to sleep. This is because on Facebook they are inundated with wedding pictures of close girlfriends- pictures of their children, husbands, family activities etc.

Here are 7 tips that could save women from this predicament.

1. If you are already an SSG don’t set standards, set PRINCIPLES: At this stage you've lost the privilege of setting certain standards for your future man; especially as it concerns his physical attributes. Tall, Short, Black, Yellow, Fat, longer relevant. The question must now be, Can he love you? Is he willing to commit to you? Can you both create a worthwhile marriage partnership?

2. Be open to younger men: if you are in your mid 30s upwards and still insisting on finding an older man; be prepared to settle down with a divorcee, widower, polygamist, handicap or a homosexual. Go figure.

3. Never close doors to suitors even if you are in a relationship: A lot of women make this mistake and become prey to 'TIME WASTERS'. If a woman is currently dating a man that has not yet paid her bride price she MUST never close her doors to other 'serious' toasters. This doesn’t mean she should sleep around, but keep them as friends. You may break off the friendship with all your toasters ONLY after your current boyfriend has presented wine to your family and openly declared his intention to marry you with an established time-table.

4. If he's relocating abroad, break up with him IMMEDIATELY-unless you are on that flight with him. Many SSGs have enough "my boyfriend in abroad" tales-you don't need that.

5. Join an NGO or a Charity group NOT church worker. Chances of meeting genuinely kind-hearted men are higher in Charities and NGO settings. A lot of SSGs erroneously find solace in church activities, especially those in Pentecostals. A few times, things do work out well, but many times these ladies become prey to their Pastor's sexual whims and caprices. At times certain 'Daddy G.Os' compulsorily hooks up the financially buoyant SSGs with young, upcoming struggling Pastors-hoping that these ladies will use their (hard earned) money to build up his ministry. Of course these 'Daddy G.Os' always use "the holy spirit revealed to me that he's your husband" line.

6. Stay Sexy: there are many 40 year old women out there that can still give men wet dreams. Some SSGs always end up mummifying themselves like people with no hope...Mba nu! Beauty does come from within, but it MUST be outwardly expressed.

7. If you are a ‘Baby Mama’, be very open about it; NEVER be ashamed of your status. Love your kid(s), make them understand your position early enough-regularly attend their school activities, PTA meetings, Inter-house sports etc...Who knows?

I'll stop here...So what do you think? Am I right or am I right?


  1. So true Stanley. Lovely advice for the SSGs.

    1. Thanks dear...I hope u aint one? ***wink***

  2. so so true!

  3. Point No. 3 is the killer point for me

  4. Abeg,what is this one saying?


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