Sunday, 2 February 2014


Nigeria's ruling People’s Democratic Party has been shedding a lot of weight lately; decampings and counter decampings have become the order of the day between Nigeria's two mega parties. The relatively new All Progressive Congress (APC) has morphed into a somewhat viable opposition. At one point the APC secured a slim majority in the House of Representatives but thanks to some reserve politicians in its North-central stronghold, the PDP regained control of the lower parliament.

The monumental growth of the APC can be attributed to its unique political doctrine that involves the baptism of former 'evil' members of the PDP...with the prophetic message being "Join us and your sins shall be ‘progressively’ forgotten."

The PDP surprisingly has never 'really' relented in fighting back and holding on to the power she's enjoyed since May 1999; PDP is no stranger to crises. The only exceptional scenario in its present crisis is that a lot of the individuals that exercised power on the PDP's behalf since 1999 have ‘decamped’, leaving behind scars of a negative reputation which the party still has to deal with.

This might seem awkward but looking closely, the PDP seems to be evolving into a party of new breed politicians, as a lot of the older breed have either resigned, joined forces with the opposition or adopted a ‘siddon look’ approach.    Clearly, the pre-1999 demigods of Nigerian politics such as the Obasanjos, Babangidas, Danjumas and Abdulsalamis no longer have a say in the PDP or maybe some of them still do but have decided to lay low...for now.

One thing is certain though, 2014 is going to be an interesting year, especially when the election campaigns start; both parties (PDP and APC) are not going to take any prisoners. The Nigerian electorates will be entertained, confused, persuaded, deceived and led right back to where they've always been-at the receiving end.

The APC campaign is going to be based on PDP's misrule and maladministration of Nigeria since 1999.

The PDP may just say to Nigerians, "look all those people that contributed to our alleged misrule since 1999 have left the party o! They are now in APC"

As has always been the case, in the 2015 Presidential elections, Nigerians will vote for the individuals and not the party.

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, most Nigerians, at the back of their minds, already know who the president-elect is going to be in 2015, UNLESS members of the opposition decide to truly behave like born-again politicians.

Indeed it will be a huge miracle if the new heavy weights in the APC gladly shelve their individual political ambitions and push forwarded a tested, trusted, young, reliable and independent-minded administrator as its presidential flag bearer in 2015.

Anything short of this will see the PDP stroll back into Aso-Rock with little or no sweat at all.

On the other hand, The PDP still has roughly eleven months to win the hearts of the Nigerian electorates by providing a little bit more dividends of democracy-a very good start should be electricity.

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