Thursday, 17 July 2014


Dear Peter Okoye

I know that your big brother Jude Okoye fired the first shot by boycotting your own traditional wedding with Lola for reasons best known to him but I expected you to be the bigger person and attend his own wedding. This would have placed you at a pedestal and also shown that in spite of everything, you are still a respectful ‘junior’ brother.
Sibling rivalries happen all the time but ‘celebrating’ it in public is not the best.

These pictures you posted on the social media showing you lounging at home in Lagos while your senior brother weds in Anambra are totally unnecessary and uncalled for.  Yes, Jude sort of did the same to you months back, but...

I know for a fact that people like Jude Okoye sowed seed capital into 'brand Psquare' and contributed immensely to its success, you can’t deny that-for this reason alone, you should forgive and manage his flaws just like your twin brother Paul is doing.

Marriage in most traditional Nigerian families is incomplete when one family has issues accepting their sons’ or daughters' choice of partner. It becomes a life time struggle trying to get such a family to accept or respect these love choices. However, your actions today, though justified, will still make things more difficult for Lola in terms of gaining full acceptance from the Okoye Family. "She put him up to this", will be the phrase resonating within your clan.

Peter, FAMILY IS VERY IMPORTANT, when or if the chips are down, people like Jude Okoye (not the guys in your pictures) are the ones that will pick you right back up and I expect you will also do the same for him. 

PS: I'm a huge Psquare fan!!!

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