Sunday, 28 September 2014

Question for the gods: Do Nigerian 

women appreciate flowers as gifts?

At least from what Hollywood tells us, white (oyinbo) women love flowers, it makes them feel special and loved. Red roses are their favourites alongside several other plant species that we Africans use in our soups. Now let's bring this trend closer home, do black (Nigerian) women love and cherish flowers too? 

I'm not referring to the plastic flowers Nigerian brides cling to on their wedding day- I'm talking about flowers from real plants ***vegetable***

On Valentine’s day in many Nigerian cities, we do see a semblance of flowery gifts exchanging hands here and there but here's an observation-you dare not give a Nigerian woman flowers without an accompanying gift with more value.
This is the only time a Nigerian woman 'may' appreciate flowers; but try send her flowers 'pere' and you are totally on your own.

Ironically, even in Hollywood narratives Black women are hardly ever portrayed as the romantic flower loving type; they are sort of portrayed same materialistic way an urban African woman would be represented.

So, which is it, do Nigerian/African/Black women appreciate flowers or not?

What do you think?

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