Tuesday, 24 March 2015

March 28: Final Case For Goodluck Jonathan And The Rejection Of Buhari.

Early last month during the #‎FeBuhari fiasco, a lot of people where psychologically bullied by the Social Media into joining the Buhari "Change" Train. Online polls created where few individuals with Multiple IP addresses voted, hacked...and voted some more in favour of Buhari.

Quite a number of Nigerians in diaspora (without PVCs) joined the bandwagon, hurriedly sharing ANY propaganda material by the opposition on their TimeLines and proclaiming it as FACT. I guess being a home-sick diasporan and desperately trying to be part of a national process where your input is totally insignificant can do that to a person. (Not making direct reference to anyone o, biko nu!)

The postponement of the Elections from Feb 14th to March 28th has been a huge blessing for the PDP and its candidate President Goodluck Jonathan, many eyes have opened. Several politicians have retraced their steps back into its fold.

Sadly though, many vulnerable minds (blinded by 'hate', covert bigotry or unknown personal frustrations) remain on this fraudulent "Change" train being midwifed by the living deity of Bourdillon-Ikoyi (second only to Sango). A "Change" train supposedly captained by a 73-year old senile, semi-illiterate and Ex-dictator. A lot of Nigerians genuinely love Buhari but most of them for VERY wrong reasons, best known to them.

- Anyone expecting (fictional) President Buhari in a democratic Nigeria to arrest and throw corrupt people into jail at will, is on a long thing.

- Anyone believing that a (fictional) democratic President Buhari will automatically force our legislators to reduce their bogus allowances, is playing with madness.

- I believe Electricity is still horrible in Nigeria BUT I also believe in Jonathan's PRIVATIZATION programme in the Power sector.

- I believe there's still hunger in Nigeria BUT I believe in Jonathan's Agricultural/Economic policies that
have kept inflation low and food prices stable in spite of drop in oil price and compulsory devaluation of the Naira.

- I believe there's still massive unemployment in Nigeria BUT I also believe that the Nigerian Economy has thoroughly expanded making millionaires out of YOUNG bloggers, artistes, fashion designers, farmers, comedians, photographers, wedding planners, dancers, writers etc...many with no direct or indirect ties to corrupt politicians

- I believe that Jonathan's war on terror was not too impressive from the start BUT I also believe that most Nigerians living in Kano, Lagos, Abuja, Enugu or Port Harcourt do not go to bed at night fearing that Abubakar Shekau will announce a new government on NTA by morning. Thanks to our gallant armed-forces.

In a nutshell, Nigeria is VERY FAR from the promised land but I believe in the foundations that have been laid by Jonathan and previous PDP governments (Obasanjo and Yaradua).

National development/Nation building will ALWAYS be a 'work in progress'.

God bless Nigeria.





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