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Dear Naija Single Ladies, Get Wiser; Download This EBook.


Inspired by Steve Harvey's bestselling book, 'Act like a lady, think like a man', this book seeks to educate Nigerian single ladies and other women involved with Nigerian men on the complex peculiarities of love relationships in today's urban Nigeria...from a male perspective.

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Nigerian Lessons for Single Ladies will offer a very blunt, 'tell all' approach while providing real answers to real scenarios involving Nigerian single ladies in our contemporary African society.

This book will attempt to:
-      Give some insights into how urban Nigerian men think and why they behave the way they do.

-      Offer practical advice on real issues facing single women in urban yet conservative societies like ours in Nigeria.

-      Provide options for emotional empowerment without necessarily compromising of traditional African values.

-      Point out hidden signs to look out for before plunging into romantic relationships

By writing this book, I hope to (from a male perspective) help Nigerian single ladies better understand relationship issues with typical Nigerian men.

Book title is: “Nigerian Lessons For Single Ladies”

Book Outline is as follows:

Chapter 1 – Still single and time is running out?
 Frustrations when attaining the 30 year mark.
 Pressure from Family and Married peers
 The scourge of Time Wasters
 Taking a firm and bold stance with relationships.

Chapter 2 – That Born-Again Brother
 A look at male deceivers hiding under the Bible
 Mistaking religious piety for good character
 Making sound judgments

Chapter 3 – Baby Mama Vs Baby Dada
 Looking at Nigerian societies’ bias towards single mothers
 Finding love again ‘after one’

Chapter 4 – Your Money and his Money
 How to intelligently manage relationship situations where the lady earns more
 Need for high net worth women to protect their finances from lower paid love interests

Chapter 5 – If you must have sex before marriage
 A non-religious look at pre-marital sex
 Living with possibilities and consequences
 The best and worst reasons to have sex before marriage

Chapter 6 – Your Past and his past
 The need to remain discreet about certain elements of your past
 Why sharing everything about your past could be a big mistake

Chapter 7 – How to spot a potential wife beater
 The behavioral signs
 Exit strategy

Chapter 8 – “My boyfriend is based abroad”
 The curse of long distance relationships

Chapter 9 – About your cooking
 Is the surest way to a man’s heart through his tummy?

Chapter 10 – Senior Single Girls (SSG)
 When does a woman become an SSG
 7 tips that may help her exit the SSG tag

Each Chapter is introduced with fun cartoon illustrations.

Happy Reading!!!



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