Tuesday, 9 October 2012


When the news of the gruesome extra judicial killing of these four UNIPORT students broke out, I initially did not appreciate the intensity of the situation. When pictures and videos flooded the internet, then I knew that we were in trouble. All of us.

My initial thoughts were; who was the fool(s) holding the camera and filming the entire event, was he/she an accomplice or an investigative freelance journalist? Surely, the gory contents on the video will assist a serious Police force in cracking this case and bringing the culprits to book. But who are the real culprits; is it just the people at the scene throwing stones, beating and setting those young men on fire?  How about the person(s) catching the entire event on camera; was his/her motive to submit it as evidence to the Police or was it to gain cheap popularity on the electronic , print and social media? A normal human being would have put down that God forsaken camera and give those poor students a helping least beg on their behalf.

And the rest of us, those viewing and sharing this horrible video and pictures, shedding crocodile tears and blaming the Nigerian government for everything. Are we (the citizens) truly blameless? God forbid, if any of our loved ones was a victim, would we view this videos and pictures  from beginning to end and even share the link amongst our friends and ‘blog readers’ to view?

Right now, ALUU 4 is a hot topic on social media circles, people are commenting; claim to be crying (on text). Popular blogs and news sites are following up on ‘the responses of shock and disbelieve by family and friends of the victims’. Even as the video and pictures keep going viral.

No one has risen up to say, ENOUGH of this entire charade.

To those who blame the ‘Nigerian government’ for everything, is it not members of the ‘masses’ that ganged up to commit this heinous crime? Was it the government of Nigeria?  Was it NTA that filmed the whole thing and put it online?  If I must blame the government, I blame them for not being able to block such offensive materials from becoming viral on the internet.

I remember several years ago when Al Qaeda fighters were fond of capturing westerners and beheading them on video. American and western governments did everything they could to stop these videos from circulating, talkless of becoming viral. During 9/11 attacks over 3,000 Americans were killed at the World Trade center  How many mangled and burnt bodies of dead Americans were published for the whole world to see or wail about?

Have we lost our humanity?

Believe it or not, a lot of Nigerians have a morbid passion for viewing gory materials and shedding crocodile tears afterwards. Many struggling websites have now capitalized on it and are now using ‘ALUU 4’ to attract more viewers and ‘likes’ to their blogs. You may say 'I too' have become guilty of this,by blogging about it.

I have argued (still arguing) with a couple of my Nigerian Diaspora pals who also viewed and shared these videos while blaming the 'rot in Nigeria' for this occurrence. And I still tell them, if a westerner views this, all he sees and ends up believing is that YOUR PEOPLE ARE BARBARIANS. The westerners don’t want to know if you are not from that village or tribe, neither is he/she interested in knowing what Aso Rock is doing about the situation.

On my part, I SINCERELY call on all sane Nigerians to respect the dignity of these murdered UNIPORT students and their families. STOP circulating unclad bloody pictures of these young men to the rest of the world because this is not how their parents and loved ones want to remember them. 

STOP blaming Nigeria or Nigerian government for this incident, this crime was committed by ordinary Nigerian villagers who apparently know the value of blackberrys and laptops.

Let us instead concentrate on praying for their families and following up with the police authority in ensuring that those arrested for this crime and found guilty are punished severely according to the law.

My regards to the family and friends of the victims.

God bless you and God bless Nigeria.


  1. Its a pathetic situation. I could not watch the video, too disgusting.I wonder how people watch such things.

  2. Well u have a point

  3. Thank you Anonymous 1 & 2, I'm glad u read and understood the message. God bless!

  4. In my opinion, your blog background is too busy and disturbing to the eyes. A bad visual for one with not too good visual.
    Anyway, my observation of this society is that Ican never understand why the tool called phone in times of trouble is never used purposefully.
    In an accident scene, rather than call for help, pictures of dismembered bodies are taken, rather than help the wounded, videos

    1. Sorry about the blog background sir or madam. Ironically, I use glasses too but i'll sure work towards a 'less busy' blog background. Ur observation is correct about our society,we 'sometimes' derive more joy in 'showcasing' our apparent difficulties rather than rolling up our sleeves to DO something about it.
      Thanks for commenting!

  5. Of the dying are being filmed

  6. This is so so user unfriendly a blog!!!! Even to type in comment is action drama . Woe be tide that I loose my more typing. Pheeew!!!

    1. Haba...e no hard like that nah. Are u using a mobile devise?

  7. Well said mr stanley buh pls kindly remove dis ur picture or shadow or wateva 4rm ur blog page so we can see wat ur writing na wa ooo..lEarn 4rm oda blogs.

    1. geat article, it also baffled how can a sane person watch that horrible video from beginning to end. just like horror movie

    2. @annabel,na so my face wowo reach? Ok ur point is well noted; i'll set up a committee to look into ur observation ***wink***
      Thank for reading & commenting though!

  8. Nigerians Nigerians Nigerians...Pharisees that wash the outside of a cup and leave the inside dirty....

    As a 12yr old boy I saw charred bodies,cut into pieces by bakassi boys,and people cheered them. i always wondered how many innocent people did they kill?

    The same people that cheered at the bakasi boys and opc for extrajudicial killings now condemn aluu


    If we could justify the wanton wasting of lives by Nigerian soldiers in the north,the lives wasted by bakassi boys,opc and all d vigilante groups, we should all keep quiet

    RIP to #aluu4 and other nigerians that died unnecessarily.


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