Saturday, 9 March 2013


Stumbled on twitter and saw that the 'international women's day' was trending and so I decided to put this together...hey, i’m a blogger!

I'm definitely not a big fan of the numerous United Nations inspired special days; there are just too many -international days for cancer, HIV, drugs, Polio, Malaria, Poverty...endless. For now, we are marking the international day for women, and I hereby dedicate this post to all women, I love women, who wouldn’t? They are our mothers, wives, sisters, nuns, wicked primary school teachers...okay, let me stop here.

However, one question I’ve often asked myself-which category of women are we celebrating on days like this? Are we focusing on the typical third-world rural woman or the first-world fully liberalized independent woman? How about those women in between?

Beyond all the rhetoric s about women rights, liberation and all, isn’t it still a man's world? Another question, have today's women not missed the concept of women's liberation?
I can’t speak much about the rural woman, maybe on another post but for the urban woman, this is about you. These days, the ideal picture of a fully ‘liberalized’ woman is one of a highly educated and successful woman in her 30s, good job, high net worth and yes, single mum. For some strange reason, especially in Africa, 'liberalized-independent’ women tend to stay single for a much longer period than their 'unenlightened' counterparts.

In western nations this scenario is pretty much the same, the only slight difference being the deep inclusion of equality with men and sexual liberation. This theory suggests that it's no longer a man's world and women are fully equal with men. Same way men can have multiple sex partners, women can do same. And with the advent of same-sex rights in the west, lots of independent women have embraced lesbianism. Believe it or not, this awkward trend is catching up fast in Nigeria. Lesbianism seems to be gaining a subtle acceptance; these days most straight men in Nigeria (and worldwide) are easily repulsed by the sight of gay men....but MOST heterosexual men LOVE the sight of 'girl on girl' action, especially where the ladies are HOT.

No matter how successful a woman becomes, if she's still unmarried most societies will always refer to her as 'Miss'. For guys, the moment we noticed strands of hair on our ******, that's the day we knew we were 'Masters', oops, I meant 'Misters'. A man can assert his virginity by word of mouth, for women, when it pops; it’s gone for good...unless Dr 90210 takes a good look at it.

At the end of it all,in today's world, the modern-liberal woman in spite of her material achievements remains ever more unequal and subjugated, the saddest thing being that they don’t even know it. Call me a male chauvinist, but I'm of the view that men and women cannot be 'equal' in literary terms.  'Equal’ here has nothing to do with human rights, or freedom of choice and association-these are basic rights that are applicable to ALL sexes. But where 'Equal' means a reversal of roles, where women decide not to be submissive to men, abhor the concept of marriage or abort pregnancies at will, and all such liberal behavior. Then, there is a problem. Some will say this also falls under the 'freedom of choice' category;yes it does. But there's responsible choices and irresponsible choices.

My views on gender equality are very old fashioned; I believe that God created Adam and later sent him a helpmate-the woman called Eve. I believe that it is the man's responsibility to love, respect and protect the woman and not the other way round. I believe that a truly independent woman is one that is at peace with the distinct burdens that nature and the creator has placed on both sexes.  It is the man-made burdens that women must continue to fight against, such as, domestic violence, rape, illiteracy, emotional abuse and Hip-hop music videos.

Oh well, these are just my views.

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