Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Now, this is one of my best Tiwa Savage songs, the music video just got released about 24 hours ago and...........

As a semi-creative writer, I had subconsciously created a mental script for this music video and had hoped that the 'without my heart' video would at least meet 60% of my expectations, unfortunately it only met 5%-being the scene with Don Jazzy sitting on a chair.

I'm of the view that music videos should tell a story, not necessarily in a ‘Nollywood like’ dramatic sense but via artistic representation. When I first heard the lyrics of ‘without my heart’, the image of a VIP strip club came to mind-Yes, my horny mind at work again.

I pictured Tiwa Savage playing the role of a top-rated stripper (or go-go dancer); her posters at the entrance of the club and of course there'll be no nudity, Wizkid achieved that with 'Tease me'.
And so, Don jazzy walks into the club flanked by his crew (Wande, Sid and D'prince) as they enter the club. Wande, Sid and D'prince are overwhelmed by beautiful women everywhere and they find their levels leaving Don Jazzy all alone. Don Jazzy makes his way to the VIP or restricted lounge where ‘go-go girl’ Tiwa is waiting for him...and the music starts.

The story line here is that of Tiwa's character, a top rated adult entertainer and Don Jazzy, a major client that has fallen in love with her, or vice versa. She hopes that Don Jazzy’s character will rescue her from this 'life of sin' and take her far far away where they'll live happily ever after.

With this story line, the entire song could have evolved into a creative visual medley...ending with Don Jazzy simply walking away and leaving Tiwa on the floor...hopes dashed or whatever. Hey, Mavin records should really have paid me to write a script for this music video.***I’m vexing, seriously****

Did I also mention that the video was shot in Cape Town, South Africa? As usual: 'oyinbo' director, good visuals, poor storyline; typical SA production. And you wonder why Nollywood is still on top in spite of her crappy visuals and pitiable audio.

PS: I also have an idea for Psquare's Forever music video o...if una sabi Jude Okoye,tell am make he holla me sharp sharp o. Cos if I see another Psquare music video with Caucasian or mulatto girls and some fat bearded 'native doctor' looking guy with big boobs, I won’t find it funny o.

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