Thursday, 22 August 2013



Welcome, and thanks for coming to this page.

Let me guess, you are either a Nigerian CEO, Corporate/communications Affairs manager, Marketing manager or a regular Joe. You came here to find out why you must sack your expensive Ad agency now.

First, let's deal with certain Nigerian advertising myths.

1. A good TV commercial MUST be expensive:  Fa fa fa fowl...the truth is that your company can produce a top-quality, creative and impactful TVC for less than a million naira. Your Ad agency charges you millions because in addition to outsourcing your creatives to people like us, they need to make more profits to pay their other redundant staff.

2. Nigerian consumers are dumb and your Ads must include repetitive narrations and call to action: Yes of course we have lots of ignoramuses in our midst, but have you considered the large number of Nigerian viewers that are hooked on to foreign cable and satellite TV channels. You'd be surprised that most of them love watching foreign TV ads again and again. TV Ads, in addition to being sources of information, are also meant to be entertaining, not repulsive-have you seen Segun Arinze’s Viju milk Ad?

3. ‘Retainerships’ keep Ad agencies at your beck and call: We don't think so, independent Ad producers like us are ever ready and committed to serve you, even if it's on a one-off basis.

4. Shooting TVCs in South Africa is the best: There are thousands of locations and untapped talents in Nigeria that have been largely ignored. South Africa does have a well developed motion picture production industry; however, some expensive Ad agencies simply outsource your TVC creatives to film students in Cape Town, pay them stipends and bill the hell out of your company.

5. Employ Nigerian celebrities first as brand ambassador before utilizing them in Ad campaigns: Wrong again, there are many Nigerian celebs that are very open to ‘one-off’ Ad campaigns for your brand, so long as your company makes  a decent offer.

Firewood Media Ltd is willing to take your brand through cost-effective mechanisms for advertising. Why don't you call now and let us discuss your brand, over drinks.


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