Thursday, 22 August 2013

Wentworth Miller IS GAY TOO?

Prison Break star has joined the awkward bandwagon of US celebrities opening up on their sexuality.

LOL,let's just hope that these American 'non A-listers' celebrities are not taking advantage of the so-called Gay rights struggle by staging all these 'coming out of the closet' gimmicks. 

These erstwhile closet gays declare their homosexuality, trend for about 6 hours on the social media and then fade back into oblivion.

But,let's face it, WHO REALLY CARES?

Meanwhile,special announcement-I'm STRAIGHT,there you go,I've come out of my closet. Do I get to trend now? Not even for a few minutes? DAMN!!!

***thank God i never watched an episode of Prison Break***


  1. I fink female admirers should have the right to sue all these closet gays for putting us thru emotional trauma.

  2. I feel u my sister

  3. still waitin 4 d following people to come out as gay:
    Tom cruz, Kevin Spacy, Oprah, Kanye west and John Travolta.
    In Nigeria: jmartins,denrele,d'prince,tonto dike,and uti wachuku

  4. Being gay is ok,aint no big deal #loveislove
    i'm broke,that's the real ish.....


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