Sunday, 25 August 2013


I strenuously read most of FFK's articles on ‘Lagos’, ‘Ndigbo’, ‘no man’s land’...blah, blah blah! ***wasted precious minutes of my life***

My only question is, why do these print media houses keep publishing this guy’s divisive article(s)? The other day, he boasted about Igbo women that he once slept with, in order to prove to us that his 'testicles' were detribalized. Was this guy really a former national minister of aviation? Same guy that blamed series of air mishaps during his tenure on evil spirits?  

Hinya! Nigeria is in trouble o!

 So who owns Lagos?

Well, ***proud smile*** my grandfather once owned Lagos; he settled in Lafiaji area of Lagos in the 1930s, gave birth to my father same place in the 1940s. My mother was born in Lagos too, and my parents gave birth to me and all my siblings at Ebute-metta. My grandfather chose not to change our family name to Williams, Cole, Johnson, Bank-Anthony or Doherty-we retained 'Nwabia'. ‘But sha’, before my family laid claim over Lagos, it belonged to the Aworis and Eguns.  ***FFK, sue me***

Who owns Lagos now?

Lagos today belongs exclusively to THE RICH and they cut across all ethnic, religious and racial groups. I once read this thought-provoking opinion/scenario on a social media site: "Many Igbos, Hausas and even Lebanese own properties in Lagos were they have Yoruba tenants. If an ‘Igbo’ Lagos landlord for example evicts an indebted Yoruba tenant from his house, between the two, who owns Lagos?” ***serious JAMB question***

Those sympathizing with Femi Fani Kayode’s ‘omo onile’ views have probably never left the shores of Lagos or South west Nigeria. In cities like Kaduna, Onitsha and Aba, I personally know of second generation Yorubas that have made those locations their permanent homes; they own business/properties, inter married and have multi-ethnic children. I don’t know their exact numbers but I do know that if the aforementioned cities had ever enjoyed the status of the nation’s oil boom era federal capital, their numbers would have been larger, much larger.

Mr Fani Kayode’s recent article titled “The Nationality question” published in the Vanguard of 25th August 2013 once again seeks to make some more unnecessary ‘ethnic battle cry’ points. Here are some excerpts;

"Unlike some of those that are bleating and insulting us we have paid our dues. Like millions of others we have a stake here and we are from Yoruba land. I have a little Fulani blood in me too and I am very proud of that but I am first and foremost a Yoruba and I will live and die for the Yoruba and indeed for my nation Nigeria if needs be."

FFK also said

"They say our territory is ‘’no-man’s land’’ yet they will never offer us theirs in return or even allow us to build there. Who is the fool here? And when we complain they have the nerve to insult us. Enough is enough. I am not a racist or a bigot but I believe that I have a right to defend that which is mine and to preserve my identity."

I have just one word for Femi Fani Kayode, and that word is ILORIN. As a true Yoruba defender, he should mobilize his fellow ethnic warlords and go reclaim the 'Yoruba land of Ilorin' from the Hausa/Fulanis, ensuring that an Oba is installed immediately.

Ooops, I almost forgot, Femi Fani Kayode is part Fulani, and so he’s cool with Ilorin’s status-my bad!


  1. Think this is a bullshit PDP agenda. Just to create sensation in lasgidi.

  2. You know,u do have a valid point right there!


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