Monday, 26 August 2013



I guess most critics of Ben Affleck’s new role as Batman are scared of the ‘George Clooney’ effect on brand ‘Batman’. George Clooney's role as Batman in 1997's ‘Batman and Robin’ movie was uninspiring. It took the management of the Batman brand several years to rebrand and come up with much more inspiring Christian Bale led Dark Knight Movie franchise.

There seems to be an unwritten Hollywood taboo or jinx if or when one superstar actor decides to play more than one super hero character.

Take Halle Berry for example, we all got used to her as X-men’s Storm, until she decided to play Cat woman-the worst movie of her career.

Fans are already used to Ben Affleck as Dare Devil,many were probably looking forward to an awesome Dare Devil 2 but...Batman happens.

Anyways, let’s see how it all goes; for me, my best Batman character remains Michael Keaton. 

George Clooney was a mere modern version of Adam West.

Val Kilmer had a slightly above -average performance.

Christian Bale's Batman character though commercially successful, needed a professional speech therapist.

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