Tuesday, 27 August 2013


“Some Americans can be real charlatans; every now and then a random closet gay American star comes ‘out of the closet’ disappointing their majority 'straight' fans, but ‘liberal America' praises him/her for being courageous. Miley Cyrus now comes out of her own ‘goody goody’ closet to show us some 'skin & sexyness', and they condemn her?” 
                                                                                   -MR STANLEY NWABIA

The 20-year old Miley Cyrus whom most of us remember as teenage sweetheart Hannah Montana is all grown up now.

In the Just concluded MTV music video awards, Miley Cyrus literarily exterminated whatever was left of Hannah Montana. She switched on her sexy mode to the amazement (and shock) of her fans, especially those that remember her as the sweet teenager on Disney channel.

Miley Cyrus’ music career has been doing quite well and she has several hit tracks to prove it. Miley Cyrus' performance at the 2013 VMA dwarfed whatever razzmatazz that Lady Gaga could put on. 

According to CNN, “While Gaga came equipped with multiple costume- and wig-changes on her side, Cyrus took over the stage with gigantic, dancing bears and more twerking than viewers at home probably knew what to do with.”

Miley Cyrus obviously stole the show in a very awkward way and the American social media community is still trying to recover from it.

Among Miley Cyrus' super fans at the event were Will Smith and family; the look on all their faces during her stage craft says it all.

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