Saturday, 10 January 2015

NEWS ALERT: Dele Momodu Blocks Me From His Twitter Handle.

For almost twenty years, I had been a fan of Chief Dele Momodu’s write-ups right from his June 12 advocacy struggles till date. I didn’t necessarily agree with all his viewpoints. As a matter of fact in post-1999 years and with the birth of Ovation magazine in 1996, I saw a Dele Momodu celebrate the luxurious lifestyles of quite a few prominent characters that (I felt) frustrated the actualization of MKO Abiola’s mandate.

Chief Dele Momodu
Today, Dele Momodu is a strong supporter of APC’s General Muhammadu Buhari’s presidential aspiration, while yours truly has decided to pitch tents with President Goodluck Jonathan. I studied political science and I see Politics as a game with no emotional attachments. I don’t believe that ANY Nigerian politician can improve the quality of my life without personal hard work, a bit of luck and God’s grace. In any case READ my earlier post to find out why I endorse President Goodluck Jonathan.  I believe in freedom of expression, the right to criticize and also be criticized, apparently Chief Dele Momodu doesn’t.

Dele Momodu is an excellent writer with the uncanny ability to criticize incumbent governments, sometimes very constructive, other times just emotional.

This current political dispensation has revealed a very awkward trend, a scary one too. Supporters of PDP’s Goodluck Jonathan and APC’s Muhammadu Buhari are constantly at loggerheads with each other online and offline. I may be biased, but it does seem that many Buhari supporters, including a few of my close friends and associates are exhibiting cult-like following towards the General, giving him (an undeserved) messianic status. Support for Buhari is beginning to look like a cult-religion of its own where those not subscribing to his candidacy are viewed and treated as traitors, infidels, enemies or outcasts. Jonathan supporters appear more level headed, less violent, a bit cynical but very passionate about their candidate. Again, being a Goodluck Jonathan fan perhaps I’m just being biased, so please forgive me.

I’m an ardent follower of Dele Momodu on Twitter; so last week he released controversial tweets defending General Buhari’s old age and his capacity to lead Nigeria into the future. Expectedly, I replied with a series of tweets disagreeing with @DeleMomodu’s stance. My tweets got a few Retweets and I simply moved on from the topic, not feeling victorious, my respect for Dele Momodu remaining intact.

I did not ‘abuse’ Chief Dele Momodu; I never referred to him as corrupt, clueless, incompetent or inept.

Today, I decided to visit Dele Momodu’s Twitter timeline only to discover that he had blocked me from viewing his twitter handle. How is it possible that a character known for vehemently disparaging top political figures including the Nigerian President cannot stomach or accept criticisms from an ordinary nobody like Stanley Nwabia?  Is this an APC thing?

I leave you with graphic illustrations of what inspired @DeleMomodu to block me from his twitter handle.


Serves me Right. LOL!

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